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WhatsApp business PAR

We both believe that everything evolves around Intelligence. Huzz has focused on automating tasks and designing WhatsApp bots to help grow your business. Get your Demo for free today. 

huzz whatsapp assistant api

Every leading business concentrate on task processing and quotations or price inquiries are the most important factor that guarantees purchases. But what is more important is client support—having a personal assistant or an employee that doesn't do the job consistently, like answering promptly and being attentive to many clients simultaneously? A Virtual Robot is a copy of your ideas, answers, and how you want to deal with your clients personally or in mass campaigns.

 Business Whatsapp is the best-rated application to engage with clients; it has evolved to serve businesses of all classes. Business Whatsapp can be linked to your website, Facebook, Instagram, and google accounts, boosting your business SEO to the next level and being recognized on search engines. Answer clients' questions and inquiries, give them prices and manage their bookings at the same place.

 If you are tired of teaching employees and Personal assistants to watch them fade or leave, it is time to design an automated system that does all the jobs you need. Statistics have shown that 95% of personal assistants do not stay in the same position for more than two years. During their employment, they start gradually losing performance and concentration because they get occupied by other personal issues or motives than the current task, where the whole business revolves around prompt client engagement.

 During this age of technology, clients surf away to check for alternative business providers because it is much easier to find online businesses that provide cheaper services as bait. Social media advertisement has replaced business authenticity and affected the reality behind years of work.

 A successful primary business must keep the pace of technology engagement in its mission. This is why computer systems designed to help client service are necessary and will replace the human factor for providing client information.

 Social media campaigns cost a great deal of money, are large in size, will reach thousands of users, and it is pretty impossible to answer all inquiries simultaneously. Still, the PAB (Personal Assistant Bot) can give a specific answer to each investigation based on the product they choose to inquire about.

 Clients tend to look elsewhere for the same service if the answer is not direct or prompt; the PAR makes sure that your benefit is tangible when the user decides to click on your ad link and can't proceed with the service without linking to WhatsApp, where by default you have their number and can reconnect with them any time you desire for the advertisement or any other service you offer in the future, so you can grow your authentic database and protect yourself from competitors of identical products and services.

 PAR can be customized to give answers dedicated to every product or service you have, not only by category but in specs. It can be a description, Price, general information, or requirements to continue the service. All these steps are automated and programmed to serve your answer exactly how you want it to be presented.


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