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The legacy of Huzz
The king of Tattoos in the Middle-East

The artist Huzz airbrushing a black and white painting of Einstein on the wall


Hazim Naouri was born in Amman, Jordan, in 1986 to a family that highly valued music and the arts and encouraged his artistic growth. 


As an artist, Hazim was named “Huzz” by his classmates at his school (The Bishop’s School). The name Huzz is based on the Arabic term, حظ which means “Luck.” Huzz was always considered lucky for his talents. Imitating sounds was a skill that drew attention from everyone around him, especially from those meeting him for the first time. His vocal skills put him in school plays, and he has acted, staging different roles which allied his talent in the art class.

Huzz Legacy History

 He was not interested in football or sports as much as he was very drawn to painting and carving. Contrary to everyday thinking and child’s play, Huzz preferred to invest his time in creating art and understanding the science behind the eye-catching elements of life.

As a child, he initially became interested in the tattoo (Tatau) art form in the late 1990s when he saw tattoos on the imported American television show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993–97).

Huzz began his journey of spreading his art by drawing on clothes and his schoolmate’s skin with a pen. At the time, no tattooing took place in his native Jordan, but questions about tattooing lingered in his mind.

By the age of 12, he started drawing in henna on people’s skin at events, and in the summer, he had a table at the Orthodox Club Amman swimming pool. This was the first step in his career, and designs were simple and drawn by hand on paper to choose from.

Huzz turned 14 years old in the year 2000, and at this time, he received his first tattoo from a traveling artist. The adrenaline of being that young and being marked with a permanent design took effect to push him in the direction of becoming a tattoo artist. Huzz realized that he could become the person with the ability to mark a permanent performance on someone’s body, which would stay throughout their life. He believes that if it is right to have, it will grow more extensive, and if it is a shame to have, it will negatively affect both the giver and the receiver.

Perspectively, the science of tattooing has come to his realization that the mechanism and physics can be done in different ways. Crafting his first machine from a car dynamo, spoon, sewing needle, and pen, he began tattooing his friends and gained a reputation in Amman for being ‘the first person to give proper tattoo Art designs to people.’ A nascent business started to evolve out of his parent’s garage.

The awareness of Bloodborne pathogens was always taken seriously by Huzz, and sterilizing the equipment by autoclave for every client was, at that time, the only way to safely tattoo.

The First Huzz Ink

The first Huzz Ink

 By 2007, Huzz had received his first blood-borne pathogen certification from the Red cross online, ordered his first professional tattoo supply equipment from the United States of America, and opened a proper shop at the Sheraton hotel Amman (the first tattoo shop in Jordan)

The tattoo practice concept started a long career that he didn’t expect. But, he was determined to be the person to give and not to have.

Huzz standing with snow and graffiti walls in the background

China International Tattoo Convention

 Practicing and evolving his art and techniques after ‘nine long years of tattooing alone,’ Huzz’s art started to take place internationally in 2010. He was the first Arabic artist to participate in an international tattoo convention and be a member of The Chinese Association of tattoo artists. The event took place in Beijing, China. There, after meeting international artists like the legendary Paul booth, Mario Barth, and Damien(Owner of the website and being exposed to several cultures and art styles, he returned to the Middle East with full power to tattoo people on a different level’.

 The Art of Arabic Calligraphy is his primary specialty, and at conventions, it attracted visitors. Huzz explained the origin of the art where he comes from and has performed live Calligraphy at each convention he attended. 

Standing with renowned tattoo artists Paul Booth and Damien in Beijing, China, in 2010.
Huzz getting picked up by the Association of Professional Tattoo artists in Beijing 2010 to attend the convention
Five men standing with the biggest tattoos on their backs. at the China Tattoo Convention 2010.
Huzz China Tattoo Convention
Huzz AIIC the american institute of intradermal Cosmetics
Huzz sitting with other students at the American Institute of Intra-Dermal Cosmetics in 2012

AIIC (The American Institute of Intra-Dermal Cosmetics)

 Participating in the world’s leading tattoo conventions as the representative of the middle east in Arabic Calligraphy as a specialty. Huzz dreamed of a certification that would envelop his career as a professional worldwide.

 In 2012, he obtained his first diploma as a beauty therapist from AIIC (The American Institute of Intra-Dermal Cosmetics - Arlington, Texas), followed by participating at the Guinness world record event BTSOE.

Huzz BTSOE Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth

BTSOE At The Mirage in Las Vegas

 One of the premier tattoo conventions showcasing the latest trends is The Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth at the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Huzz was the only Tattoo artist from the Middle East at that show carrying his Arabic Calligraphy Art, which was the highlight of his career.

Huzz with BJ Betts on his left at The Mirage (Las Vegas) tattoo Show
Huzz sitting on the stage of The Mirage in Las Vegas at the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth
Huzz posing with Bob Tyrell at the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth in Las Vegas
Huzz Arabic Calligraphy
"The grand art of Arabic Calligraphy with the hearing slave" written in Arabic Calligraphy.

Arabic Calligraphy

 Evolving his skills to master Arabic Calligraphy parallels his tattooing skills. He started his Arabic Calligraphy website dedicated to spreading the Art of Arabic Calligraphy internationally., his company in the UAE, services multiple arts, including Graffiti, Custom paint, and temporary tattoo Art.

Huzz on CNN

CNN The forbidden art that's booming in Jordan

A lasting impression

Huzz Ink's headquarters in the Jordanian capital of Amman feels like the home of a perfectionist -- meticulously clean and clinically organized. They are tilted CNN, shooting a reality episode about the Huzz Ink Amman in 2017.

Huzz The World Atlas of Tattoo

The World Atlas of Tattoo

By (author) Anna Felicity Friedman has included Huzz as the artist of Jordan in her Book. A lavishly illustrated global exploration of the vast array of styles and most significant practitioners of tattoos from ancient times to today


Tattoo art and practice have seen radical changes in the 21st century as its popularity has exploded. An expanding number of tattoo artists have been mining the past for lost traditions and innovating with new technology. An enormous diversity of styles, genres, and techniques has emerged, ranging from geometric blackwork to vibrant, painterly styles and from hand-tattooed works to machine-produced designs.


With over 700 stunning color illustrations, this volume considers historical and contemporary tattoo practices in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific Islands. Each section, dedicated to a specific geographic region, features fascinating text by tattoo experts that explores the history and traditions native to that area and current styles and trends. The World Atlas of Tattoo also tracks the movement of types from indigenous settings to diasporic communities, where they have often been transformed into creative, multicultural, hybrid designs. The work of 100 notable artists from around the globe is showcased in this definitive reference on widespread and intriguing art practice.

The cover page with a huge tattoo of a tiger on the back of a man of the book "The World Atlas of Tattoo" by Anna Friedman
The Huzz Ink Clinic

The Huzz Ink Clinic - Dubai, UAE

Scar treatment in the medical field had stopped to enhance the aesthetics of the traumatized skin when micro-dermal pigmentation took place. Huzz Ink clinic specializes in hiding scars, burns, and stretch marks. Cancer patients and cleft lips are all treated with medical tattoos. Vitiligo, on the other side, is not and will never be treated by medical tattoo to be like normal skin again because the melanocytes change color with UV light and sun exposure; another factor is that the ink of the tattoo settles in the superficial dermal layer of the skin and the ink particles shift in place and change in density over the years. This applies to hypertrophic scars (ICD10 - L90.5) as well. If the skin is damaged, it will have a different composition of layers, visually changing its appearance. Other treatments are suggested as laser scar treatment which will become more effective.

Huzz Ink Clinic at Emirates Hills showing the inside of the clinic

I own the street 2009

 A Graffiti competition, the first of its kind, was held in Amman, Jordan. The Royal horse club was where artists competed for the first time on walls. A price of 1000 JOD was assigned for the best piece of the day. Marwa won first place; she is known for wall art and painting large murals. Huzz was the sole planner and coordinator for the event, which was a great success and exposed to an audience of 500+ people who attended the live show.

Posing next to the separation wall in Palestine with Banksy graffiti of Girl strip searching an Israeli soldier
Huzz I own the Street
Next to his own graffiti of an alien with tentacles on the separation wall in Palestine
Huzz presenting the graffiti art award at the "I own the streets" competition in 2009 in Jordan
Two guys with SFX done of blood and gunshot for halloween
Applying fake blood and doing SFX art work
Huzz Applied ART Special FX

Applied ART and Special fx

He was practicing visual and applied types of arts like painting and airbrushing vehicles and painting large murals. However, Huzz would have never been the artist he is now without mastering the Art of computerized graphic design using Photoshop. Mastering such Art has elevated his vision to another dimension where digital Art is the only simulation window to the products he offers. For example, Huzz was the first to perform airbrush on bikes in Jordan. At the time, he worked with Harley Davidson Amman, newly established in 2010.

SFX of a huge wound to the cheek of a man with fake blood and attack marks
Black car with red dragon airbrushed on it



Besides being a visual artist in different forms, Huzz has always appreciated music production and composition. He plays many instruments specializing in piano as a primary instrument and guitar as a minor. He has also presented a vocal instrument called the Human trumpet for the first time. And he mastered many vocal whistles absorbed from nature and, especially, birds. Using sound imitation of animals and different high pitch sirens has elevated his sound experiment to a different level.

Huzz Music


International Conventions

  • 2010 China’s international convention - Beijing, China

  • 2012 BTSOE Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • 2015 BTSOE Biggest Tattoo Show On Earth - Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

  • 2016 Barcelona Tattoo Expo - Barcelona, Spain

  • 2016 Tattoo Collective - Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2017 The London Tattoo convention - London, UK

  • 2018 Tattoo Collective - Kyiv, Ukraine

  • 2018 Summer Tattoo Festival Odessa - Odessa, Ukraine



  • 2007-2019 Huzz Ink - Amman, Jordan

  • 2012-2015 Huzz Ink Sharm - Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

  • 2015-2016 Huzz Ink Cairo - Cairo, Egypt

  • 2015 Huzz Ink clinic - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Posing with participants of different international conventions
The Dubai tattoo shop
Huzz Work
Huzz Shops

Huzz has a vision, a vision that is trusted by celebrities. He thrives on delivering perfection living his life to the understanding of people's thoughts and loves new ideas that he transforms into tangible reality.

Huzz Amr Diab
The artist holding a Wacom pen
Huzz at Miami Ink
Girl showing her tattoo on the side of her chest with the word Huzz in Arabic Calligraphy
With Amr Diab in Dubai
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