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Samar is generally an Arabic female (or sometimes male) given name meaning "evening conversations (including Arabic music and poetry)". Samar is a male or female name in Islamic culture and also means "fruit", "seed of plant or tree with its covering" or "award, bounty, reward".

Meaning: "Battlefield Commander", "War"

Samar (pronounced as Summer. See Hindi pronunciation at is a Hindu male name originated from Sanskrit from the Indian subcontinent. It spread out to middle east, used in several languages and adopted by male and sometimes female.

Another meaning used as a female given name bears the meaning "the night and its blackness", where the saying goes: "lā âtiy-hi samara (لا آتيهِ سَمَرًا)", meaning "do not come to samar (that is, night)" or another meaning used as the "brown" like the shadow of the moon.

The name or adjective itself stems from the root verb samara (سَمَرَ) meaning "chat with one another at the night, having an evening of entertainment".

Another possibility Arabs where the name is used stems from the root verb sammara (سَمَّرَ) meaning "to have a dark complexion - brown, embrown, tan" or "to make something brown - browning, brownish". Also, the name is from the brown colour that is the shadow of the moon.

Samar in Arabic is a cognate of the Hebrew name Shamar, which means "preservation, protection, conservation[4]".

This name is the stem or root of other Arabic given names associated with this name, the variants are:


Samer (سَامِر sāmir)

- male given nameSamir (سَمِير samīr)

- male given nameSamira (سَمِيرة samīrah)

- female given name formed from the male given name Samir (سَمِير samīr)

Samar is a Hindi male given name and means "war" from the Sanskrit Samara.


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