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Alden as both a given name and a surname originated in the Old English language. The name can derive from Ealdwine (meaning "old friend") or (in the Scottish Borders) from Healfdene.


People with the surname


  • Alvin Alden (1818–1882), American politician
  • Blanche Ray Alden (1870–1934), American musician and composer
  • Charles Henry Alden (1836–1906), American military office
  • Chris Alden, American entrepreneur
  • Christopher Alden (director) (born 1944), American theatre director
  • Cynthia May Alden (1862–1931), American journalist, author, and municipal employee
  • David Alden (born 1949), American theatre and film director
  • Edward Alden (born 1961), American-Canadian journalist and policy analyst
  • Emily Gilmore Alden (1834–1914), American author and educator
  • George I. Alden (1843–1926), American mechanical engineer and educator
  • Ginger Alden, American actress and model
  • Harold Alden (1890–1964), American astronomer
  • Henry Mills Alden (1836–1919), American author and publication editor
  • Howard Alden (born 1958), American jazz guitarist
  • Ichabod Alden (1739–1778), American military officer
  • Isabella Macdonald Alden (1841–1930), American author
  • James Alden Jr. (1810–1877), American military officer
  • Jerome Alden (1921–1997), American playwright, father of Christopher Alden and David Alden
  • John Alden (c. 1598–1687), one of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower
  • John Alden (sailor) (c. 1626–1702), American military officer, son of John Alden and Priscilla Alden
  • John Richard Alden (1908–1991), American historian
  • Joseph Alden (1807–1885), American scholar, educator, and author
  • Kay Alden (born 1946), American television writer
  • Lucy Morris Chaffee Alden (1836–1912), American author, educator, and hymn writer
  • Mary Alden (1883–1946), American actress
  • Norman Alden (1924–2012), American actor
  • Priscilla Alden (c. 1602–1685), one of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, wife of John Alden and mother of John Alden Jr.
  • Raymond Macdonald Alden (1873–1924), American scholar and educator
  • Raymond W. Alden III, American educator and academic administrator
  • Roy Alden (1863–1937), American newspaper editor and politician
  • Timothy Alden (1771–1839)), American clergyman and academic administrator
  • Timothy Alden (politician) (born 1991), Maltese politician
  • Scott Alden (1907–1977), American law enforcement official, lawyer, college professor, and college athletics head coach
  • Vernon Roger Alden, American academic administrator
  • William L. Alden (1837–1908), American journalist and writer




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