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The best tattoo shop in Dubai

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Huzz Ink (2001- current)

For years Dubai has witnessed so many tattoo artists as visitors. However, the United Arab Emirates has Banned tattoos as an art form, Where the cliche of a tattoo shop with an artist carrying ink everywhere on his skin to the neck is a mirage.

Tourists and ex-pats carry their traditions and mindset with them when visiting Dubai, and the nature of humans is to think that everyone should be in thought processing alike, and that vision ends when a law is in place. For example, tattooing mandates the use of needles and injectables on the skin. Therefore it is a must to regulate the process because it involves medical skin-invasive equipment.

There is no best tattoo shop in Dubai, but speaking in general, many factors determine which is the best tattoo shop, mainly how consistent the brand is...The result of many artists circulating countries searching for work has exposed the clients to the uncertainty of the ink quality. So the choice of a brand they trust is the best.

The best tattoo shop in Dubai is not only about the artist; it's about the insurance of the product. The insurance of the advertised work. So many artists nowadays on social media and all the advertisement platforms fabricate their work and polish it beautifully on phone screens. But in reality, the reflection is different.

There would be no expression for the best tattoo artist in Dubai, but the evaluation of the artist's pace is what can be measured. And artists need their zone and consistency to perform, which is unachievable while traveling.

The following are factors to determine how to evaluate an artist, specifically a tattoo artist:

  • The number of years in the industry

  • The consistency of the portfolio and the level of work

  • The specialty of the art craft

  • The contributions made exhibitions and conventions participated at

These are the general evaluations, to be more detailed:

  • How fast the artist is

  • How detailed work can he deliver

  • What is the style of understanding of the art presented

  • the graphic abilities to simulate a job

  • The level of performance and knowledge of Styles of tattooing

  • The story of the experience of the origin of art and the purpose of presenting it

  • The maturity of the workstation

  • The maturity of the organization funnel

  • The ability to perform several types of art

  • And finally, the ability to create an artistic, creative impression.

Huzz started to spread Arabic Tattoos all over the world. The artwork performed by Huzz comes with a guarantee for life. Huzz refreshes the tattoo after several years to be fresh and catch up with the technology resolution. Houzz was the first to represent the Middle East in Most significant conventions, including the World Guinness Records holder BTSOE (BIGGEST TATTOO SHOW ON EARTH 2012 / 2015), which took place in Las Vegas, Nevada) and many many more around the world.

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